Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Aloe Vera Magic

Aloe vera is one of the highly regarded plants in terms of medicinal properties. Legend has it that the natives of Mexico and Central America were so fascinated with their medicinal properties that they termed it "the hand of God."
Well, aloe vera has a long history as a medicinal plant. A pharmacist, doctor and botanist of ancient Greece, Parish Dioscorides had once recommended its use as an external remedy for  haemorrhoids, wounds, ulcers and hair loss.Until today, aloe vera is used for all the mentioned ailments. 
However, nowadays aloe is no longer recommended as a laxative because it is too strong.
It brings on a very strong intestinal cramping and can result in diarrhoea. 
Aloe vera is also very beneficial  in beauty care. Below are several home beauty remedies you can make with aloe vera . 
Here is a little tidbit for esoteric believers, there is also a belief that the aloe vera plant aids in helping attracting financial abundance !

Acne Aloe Treatment
To treat acne , you simply scrape the aloe gel out from the aloe leaf, and adds a dash of honey to the pulp. Stir well and put in a glass container. Cover and  refrigerate. Apply all over your face 30 minutes before bedtime. Leave overnight and wash your face as usual the next day.

Aloe Hair Loss Remedy
To strengthen the scalp and stop hair loss. Scrape the gel from one or two aloe vera leaves and mixed the pulp with a few squirts of almond oil. Place in a glass container,cover and refrigerate. Every evening, massage your scalp with this mixture and leave overnight.Wash your hair as usual the day after.

Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes Remedy
To reduce dark circles and puffy eyes, smear aloe gel under the eye area and  place a few slices of cucumber to cover the eye are. Leave on for 30 minutes.

To Prevent or Reduce Wrinkles
Here is an effective and easy way to prevent or minimize wrinkles. Scrape the gel of one or two aloe leaves  and put in a glass container and cover well. Keep in the fridge. Every night, apply the aloe pulp on your face and neck half an hour before bedtime. Leave it on for the whole night.Wash away next morning.

To Alleviate Cuts and Burns
As the aloe has excellent healing properties,it is often use for burns and wounds. Prepare the remedy as with the acne treatment listed above.Apply aloe onto  the affected part.Cover with a gauze.Please note that this remedy is only applicable to nothing more than minor burns and injuries. Please see a doctor if the injury or burn is serious.


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