Friday, 5 August 2011

The Wonder Root :Turmeric

Cosmetics are everywhere: in salons and department stores...and the temptation is always great when it comes to treating yourself to look and feel good. Yet there is nothing simpler than to take of your own looks by using home made products to help you mantain your beauty.It's cheaper and a lot healthier since its 100% natural.
Being of Indonesian descent,turmeric has been a beauty staple in my mum's beauty diary.
It’s one of Indonesia’s most revered ingredients used in its herbal medicinal tradition(Jamu) and beauty rituals for centuries.

                    What is this wonder spice?  
Turmeric is an old herb in the ginger family, and is known to grow wild in Southern Asia including India , Indonesia and nearby Asian countries. It is less fibrous than ginger, and has a nutty, slightly funky herbal smell to it and a nice, peppery and warm flavour.

 So what is so special about the tumeric?

Tumeric contains curcumin and this the potent substance that brightens skin and naturally fights discoloration and age spots naturally.
 It gives your skin a natural glow – just try it! Only 15 minutes and you’ll notice a difference.The more often you use Turmeric in your beauty regime the more impact it's wonderful qualities will have. I noticed a difference after only 3 applications. I use it regularly and have benefited from it's glow effect on the skin.

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